Welcome to our FIRST Classroom Crashers!!!!

 Do a little dance! Jump up!  Jump up and get down!  ok…I am incredibly excited to begin this new series!!  Can you tell?  Feel it with me peoples!! Tons of inspiration is coming your way-hey hey.  You know that feeling…the feeling you get when you walk into another teacher’s classroom and you just drop your jaw and say oooh and aaah. Well, I hope to bring you that feeling pretty regularly.  I mean..who says you have to wait until August to feel inspired by other teacher’s classrooms?  It can happen all year!

So without further ado…drum roll please….introducing Megan and her fabulous classroom.  Megan is one of my besties who has a heart of gold.  She teaches 2nd grade in one of the best school districts in Texas.  She has a ton of ideas….so let’s start the tour….

First up…Megan has a great system for grading.  Super easy and super quick.  She takes a file box, has a folder for every kid.  Once the assignment is done, she has the kids file their papers in the box.  She carries it home.  Grades the papers.  Then her parent volunteer files the graded papers in their cubbies. BAM! done.

Next up: I love the way her and her district are tracking data.  The kids are taking so much ownership in their learning and their performance.  Here are some pictures of kid-friendly graphs:

And last but not least….
Megan and her team are doing a fabulous inquiry-based unit using Flat Stanley.  Megan says it actually is changing everything about her teaching.  Is anyone familiar with inquiry-based learning??…basically you pose a problem or a task and the students have to decide what they are going to learn (of course, the teacher knows exactly where she/he wants the students to go with it).  It’s a cross-curriculum unit so lots of learning going on…interwoven.  The teacher really becomes the facilitator.  The students learn from eachother and have to ‘think’ more rather than spit out information.  I.   Love It!  So engaging.

They started with a letter..which posed the problem, then math…reading…social studies are all within this unit. (It’s sort of like teaching in themes but the process is a little different…more probing questions).  Anyway, check out Why are School Buses Always Yellow: Teaching for Inquiry PreK-5 by John F. Barell if you are wondering about inquiry-based learning.

I really hope you enjoy these ideas as much as I did.  I love peeking into other classrooms.

A big thank you to Megan for letting me into your lovely space.  Thanks Friend.

Who is next?  If you teach around the Round Rock, Texas area…send me an email: amodernteacher@gmail.com.  I’d love to drop by your classroom and CRASH it!  OR send me pics of your class and I’d LOVE to feature you!!!!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!  Happy Easter to you and your family!!!