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How do you get things done during the summer? With all the fun to be had, it is hard to make time to actually get things done.  Now, I’m not saying all of you shouldn’t be relaxing and really enjoying your break.  That is a MUST.  Non-negotiable. 🙂 I just want to share ONE piece of how I complete my every day tasks (not the routine stuff like I share for newsletter subscribers for free HERE).  This is for the every day stuff. I actually have a few tools to help me but I always start here.

Getting things done during the summer

Here’s how I start:

1. I like to work with a notebook and I make lists to get things done. It doesn’t matter which kind of notebook.  Or where you get it from.  Or even the size. Personally, I go through all sizes. It just can’t be too big to fit in my purse.  Gotta fit in my handbag. I get most of my notebooks from Target.  My tastes change and Target has a pretty good selection of a variety of tastes without breaking the bank.

2. Next, I get it all out of my head! At the top of the page, I actually write, “get out of my head”.  You can write whatever suits you.  “Get Things Done” or “”Download” or “Brain Dump” or simply “To-Do”.  Then I write everything my brain is thinking I need to do.  Not my thoughts just my to-dos. Everything.

3. Then I look at the list and organize it.  I think about the 3 things that must get done—THE MOST important things.  You can choose more than that.  In fact, I usually think about 3-5 things.

4. Then I highlight those 3-5 things.  I try to never go over 7.  It is just too much. But if you listed a bunch of little tasks, 8 or even 10 might just be ok.  I try not to go higher because it is too overwhelming for my little brain. I won’t do *any* tasks because there is just “too much to do”.  Or I will never get started.  Am I right?  Do you ever feel that way?

(the image below is after a few days of getting things done)

Getting Things Done During the Summer

5. Then, once I complete something, I mark it off with my pen.  I might like to write a checkmark so I will do that too (depending on the mood-ha!) and then I will scratch through it. But writing checkmarks is not the point.  (or is it?-ha!)

6. After I complete those 3-5 tasks, I go to the next blank page in my notebook and rewrite my list of what still needs to be done and if anything came up.  That might seem unnecessary to you but I don’t like the clutter on the page.  It just makes my mind feel overwhelmed (again).

7. Highlight the next 3 most important thing that must get done.  Now, don’t “recycle”.  This is a trap I sometimes fall into.  I will write the darn thing that needs to get done for 7 days in a row.  WHAT??!!!  Just do it already.  Mark it off the list.  You’ll feel SO much better if you don’t recycle.

And here is where I go back and forth….sometimes I will tear the page I wrote my to-do list on because I want that mental clutter gone and I don’t want to see it. It is in the past so “c’est la vie” as the French say. Sometimes I will leave the pages in because I want to feel accomplished and look back and all that I have done.  Hahahahaha!  That is the truth. EEK!!!! There are some days I feel like I didn’t get anything done.  Not that every day something *HAS* to get done but some days are a struggle so when I look back, I am reminded that –“hey! you got tons done yesterday, don’t beat yourself up!”  You do what you need to do.  MMMMMKAYYY?!

And that’s it.  If one of those tasks call for multiple steps, I write those down on a sticky note and then go through that list on the sticky note.

I know some people use a bullet journal and some people have a planner for these things.  But I like to use my planner as an overview and my notebooks for the nitty gritty.  And I just haven’t learned much about the bullet journal but it looks like another good tool.

As you can tell, I like to keep things simple, simple, simple.  I use to always just write lists and lists and lists and then figured out that organizing the lists helps me get things done faster.

Getting Things Done During the Summer

How do you get things done during the summer?  Most of my other tools, especially the ones for my business, are all on my phone.  I can share these if you would like.  Let me know on Instagram HERE or send me an email: or simply leave a comment below. Of course, I love using my planner for the big picture.  If you need a lesson planner, check out my online planners you customize and put together yourself HERE, OR the printed lesson planner you can find HERE.

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xo, April!