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Happy new year 2012!

I wish I was big with goals.  I really do!  I envision what needs to get done and then I love setting it all up…the when and how…you know, map it all out.  And it’s good…for awhile.  Then life happens.  Things that are beyond my control (did I really have control to begin with?) happen.  That’s ok. I know flexibility is key. Somehow, I don’t forget my goals and I keep on ‘keepin on’ as the saying goes.  BUT, I don’t take too much time to think about my goals.  Is that weird?  Tell me this happens to you J ! And after loving the ideas from pinterest
like this  Pinned Image source: via april d on pinterest
and this.   source: via april d on pinterest
I decided I absolutely had to do this: (pardon the image, I had to scan it):

And instead of goals I wrote 5 Modern Teacher Mottos for this blog. 

I will be posting those mottos later today.

And all of this was inspired by a fun linky party from

Live Love Laugh

Fun! Fun! Fun!

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