If you read my post from last year, you know my grandparents (besides my kids and my husband) are my favorite people.  I even named my daughter after my grandmother.  Although 3 of the 4 have past on, my memories of playing, learning, just being with them continue. And smells…sounds, just take me back.

I hope my kids will create memories with their grandparents just as much as I was able to.  Well, in thinking…’What are we going to do for Grandparent’s Day?’… I remembered I have this fun little craftivity.  Last year I created this for Valentine’s Day but it was more for parents and well, with a new set of kiddos, you could easily do this for the grandparents.

My son chose his favorite color–red–to make the heart.  However, you could choose any color. He did a really good job.  He thought the owl was so cute and wanted to make one for himself.

If you are interested in this craftivity, I have it up in my store.  I’d love for you to check it out HERE.

First, I prepped the materials (no way a preschooler could have done all that cutting).

Then we put it all together:

Then we showed it off.  He did a super job!  I was proud of him and I know his grandparents are going to LOVE it. Here is my little ham…he really wanted to hide behind the heart….he wanted to pretend he was the owl.

Grandparent's Day www.amodernteacher.com

Fun and easy.  The craftivity also comes with 2 choices for the inside–three-lined paper or single-lined.  Just depends on your kiddos.  And graphic organizers.

Don’t forget to check out the post from last year for ideas on celebrating in the classroom/school.  Does your school celebrate?

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