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(I know..I know…a little early..)
But you need some love too-right??!!!!! Here’s a Valentine’s FREEBIE just for you! Something to give to your students…A personalized bookmark that is super-easy and dirt cheap.

Valentine’s Day is (besides Christmas) my favorite holiday.  I was never one of those girls who had a date for every Valentine’s or anything like that….but I always celebrated the fact that there is love in the world.  Someone LOVES you.  They do.  And if you are a teacher, I can guarantee you that a little precious kiddo out there loves you too.

This DIY will cost you next to nothing.  Very, very simple (how I like it)!  My inspiration came from here found from pinterest (have you checked out my pinterest boards?-hope you can follow A Modern Teacher over there!).  And I got some cute graphics from pumpkins and posies  (again pinterest…can you say addicted?? Been addicted now for 6 months-need an invite? Send me an email. J) and Erin Bradley (etsy!)


paint chips from Home Depot or Lowe’s 

paper to print out the graphic




laminator (optional)


Head to the nearest Home Depot or Lowe’s and pick up some paint chips.  Any color.  It’s always fun to do colors other than pink.  They have a couple of different sizes so there are 2 different graphics you could use.  They are both free!

Print out graphic and cut into squares.  There are 2 versions:  a smaller square, that you can get HERE and a larger one, that you can get HERE.

Write who your valentine is and your name.


Glue to paint chips.

Laminate (optional), punch a hole at the top, add some ribbon and VOILA..

you gotta cute little customized valentine bookmark. 

That’s it!  What do you think?  Is it something you think you could use?
Have a fabulous weekend!  Check back next week when I’ll post another idea for the actual Valentine’s Class Party.  ~April