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WOW!  Hold tight! This week is going to be AMAZING!

In a fast and furious manner, here is what is going on this week:

#WEHEARTTEACHERS 2015 is happening!  Over $10k in prizes!  I know, CRAZY!  We are coming together to support each other, give back to each other, and cheerlead for each other.  YES!  I’m all for that.
Here’s a peek at what’s up for grabs this week! AND THERE IS MORE TO COME!!

All the details can be found on The Applicious Teacher’s Blog HERE
Thank you to LEIGH for putting all of this together!!!!!
teacher appreciation week a modern teacher
A Modern TeacherSlide5And something exciting from me on FriYAY!  I mean, Friday!
Plus, planners in AMT Print Shop will start shipping on Friday!!
Starting today!
Need a little something to give a colleague, team teacher, teacher of one of your kids????
Check this out:
 teacher appreciation week free!
Stay tuned for a fun and fabulous week!! xo, April