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If you are a Texas teacher, this post is for you!

I am sure you can agree with me how important unity is in the classroom. (Happy Unity Day! Hooray!) Our classes are made of students from every walk of life. One of the key classroom management strategies for engaged learning is building unity among each other at the beginning of the year.  And continuing this process throughout the year.  Always.  It doesn’t matter if we are at the beginning of the school year, the beginning of the day, or during transition times between subjects. Little comments of unity can always be intertwined throughout the day.

We are all so different.  We should celebrate those differences, don’t you think? What better way to celebrate than with Diversity Month and Unity Day!

During the month of October, a special effort is given to teach how important kindness and inclusion are. There are a few different ways we can do this:

  • We might have stories from our own childhood where we felt alone and how someone helped us feel included.
  • We might share some facts of a child who felt alone and overcame, like the one written by Ruby Bridges here.
  • We can read a picture book, like the famous one by Patricia C. McKissack, Goin Someplace Special.

Now, I had no idea y’all but…

There are some FREE resources out there you can snag about this topic!!

I was so excited to see HEB, my favorite grocery store, focus on what matters: kindness and compassion. They care about this so much y’all, that they are giving away FREE No-Bully Kits.  You guys!!

We are always looking for additional supplements we can incorporate in our lessons to get theories, ideas, and concepts across to the students.  This is one of those!! For FREE!!

This is just too good not to share.  And it is SO easy to sign up to receive the free kit.  In the kit you receive:

HEB Grocery Store


a dry erase poster (for all those unity and kindness quotes)

coloring pages

and badge stickers

To get more information about the entire program, head to HEB LEAGUE

HEB Grocery Store


HEB Grocery Store

I will be sharing a bit more about the program in the next couple of months.  They have a nomination program for second grade teachers on students who demonstrated an act above and beyond to spread kindness and/or inclusion at their school.  I can’t wait to share!  I believe in this and I love helping teachers receive FREE resources.

xo, april