Happy Wednesday!  How is everyone’s week going?  Mine is super busy (a good kind of busy) with Valentine’s Day.  Plus, my daughter is a flower girl in a wedding this weekend.  Super sweet!  Can’t wait to show you a picture on Instagram.

As you might remember I started a series called, “I Asked, You Answered” here on the blog.  I want to know what your favorites or ideas are!  Definitely want to highlight your thoughts…even those who don’t have a blog.  Some time back I asked what are YOUR favorite guided reading tools on Facebook.  I know mine but I wanted to see if we could have the most popular put in one spot.  So, we tallied them up and here they are.  Of course, lots of leveled fiction and non-fiction books are at the top of the list. But here are some more tools you might use during this very important time.  If you have any more to add, just add them in the comments below.  Maybe an absolute favorite on Teachers Pay Teachers?  {there are no affiliate links here–just wanna share}

Have a great week y’all and a HAPPY VALENTINE”S DAY!  Come hang out on Instagram.  I’ll be posting there!  We’ll see you on Sunday to announce the winners of the HUGE Love is in the Air giveaway!!

These are in no particular order in which the items are listed below.

A question was asked about the cones.  I think a reader suggested cones to help with movement and place of students at the small table. Basically, it is important no matter what you use to have some direction to organize the reading time…either pocket charts, stickers, tape, etc. Cones are nice because you can clearly see them from far away.  Since they are mini though it is not obtrusive and you can move them as soon as you have all students sitting.  Helps with who is sitting where right away.  You could add a color to a specific child.  Like Susie always has the blue cone.  “Students, head to your cone at the kidney table.”  Hope this helps with this one. 😉  Any other questions or unsure, just let me know.  I’ll be happy to help!!!!

Top 12 Small Group Reading Tools


1. Dry Erase Pockets

2. Colorful Traffic Cones

3. Small Tabletop Easel

4. Fun Pointers

5. Dry Erase Paddles

6. Magnetic Alphabet & Numbers

7. Mini Cookie Sheets

8. Etekcity LED Finger Light-Up Rings

9. Timer

10. Differentiated Instruction Cubes

11. Highlighters

12. Sticky Notes

13. Highlighter Tape


xoxo, April