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Who is keeping up with the soccer World Cup?  In the spirit of the World Cup, (so sorry my team USA!) I am having a sort of tournament of planners.  My planners are facing off in a competition to see which is everyone’s favorite on PINTEREST.  The winning design will be half off for 2 hours on Saturday, July 5th and 20% off the rest of the day!!

Here is how it works:

Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, July 2, PIN your favorite design of these 5 planners.

A Modern Teacher Planners

The winning planner  for Wednesday will face off with the winner of Thursday’s pins.  Basically, pin your favorite!

A Modern Teacher Planners


I’ll do a search of all the planners and see which one was pinned the most.

On Friday, the remaining 2 will face-off on PINTEREST.  On Saturday morning the winning planner will be announced and will be half off from 9:00am-11:00am central time.  The rest of Saturday, the planner will be 20% off.

A Modern Teacher PlannersWhich is your favorite?  PIN on Pinterest.

See you tomorrow to start the tournament!

Have a wonderful Tuesday! ~April