December is a month full of all-the-things. Am I correct? With all the excitement in the air, kids can get a little crazy. They have so much energy in their little bodies, they just don’t know how to manage it some times. The amount of crazy can be just a little much. Well, I’ve got a little something that might help with all the hoopla. Despite all-the-things, December is also a time to reflect and grow friendships, love, and kindness. To encourage kindness, I’m sharing a freebie you can start using in your classroom *tomorrow*. This kindness bulletin board is perfect for December.

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Kindness Bulletin Board


The idea is that as kindness is shown and shared, students will earn a bow to add to a present on the board. To help see the progression of earned bows, a rainbow of colors can be used as a guideline. Moving through the continuum of ROY G BIV, students can have a visual tool of their earned bows. Using color, specifically a rainbow, is a perfect tool to help master the progression of any skill. Once presents all have a bow on it, the class can receive a reward, like extra recess time, extra reading time, lunch in the classroom, etc.

Kindness Bulletin Board


Once you download the bow template, just copy the template on various Astrobrights’ Paper. Then have students cut around the template. There are 2 bows per page. Students bring the edges of the bow together and staple in the middle. Then they take the smaller piece and wrap the bow around the middle to cover the staple. Voila! Done.  They can add the bow to a bucket or bag you can keep near the board.

Kindness Bulletin Board

Kindness Bulletin Board

For the presents on the board, simply cut a rainbow of rectangles. I used these Astrobrights’ Papers:

Rocket Red

Cosmic Orange

Solar Yellow

Gamma Green

Gravity Grape

Planetary Purple

All papers can be found in the Assortment Pack found HERE.

Kindness Bulletin Board


Download the freebie which has the letters and the words. Cut these letters out using scissors. The fonts I used were A Perfect Blend’s “Coffee Cake” and “bow” in the cursive font is A Perfect Blend’s “Coffee Mug”.

This is such a busy and special time of the year. We don’t want the kids to forget what it means to be kind.

What do you think?  Do you like the rainbow of colors?

Thanks again to Astrobrights for sponsoring this post. It is an honor to work with you!

If you’d like to make the cutting process a bit easier, I suggest the Silhouette Cameo. It can do SO many things. I’ve only used it for cutting letters but I know it can do so much more. Perfect for a teacher. It is an investment but definitely worth it! You can find that HERE!

Kindness Bulletin Board

Kindness Bulletin Board

Kindness Bulletin Board