Hey Teacher Friends!

I hope you enjoyed the weekend!  I posted something on Instagram that I thought I would share here too in case you don’t have Instagram.


Here's to you teachers and mamas

“I think it’s so interesting that Mother’s Day comes at the end of teacher appreciation week. For some children you are the best that they have. After 11 years of teaching and 6 years of being a mama I agree with this so much….”Children are not a distraction from the important work. They are the important work.” –John Trainer. We are here to do the important work so here’s a toast to you teachers and mamas. And as my aunt said this morning….”to all mothers and those who give and love with a mothers’ heart, I 💗 you! “

So here’s to all of you out there!  Cheers!

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Have a great week Teacher Friends!!

xo, April