Lesson planners galore!  YAY!  I have received several emails asking for a preorder of the lesson planners.  Well, let’s do this!!!!!  Whether you are going on vacation and can’t place the order on July 18th OR you just want to make sure you get your hands on one, I will be taking orders early.  Now, the planners will not start shipping until the 18th but I want to open up this option to you.

Teacher Lesson Planner for A Modern Teacher

I know that waiting by the computer and not getting one can be a huge let-down and I really want to avoid that at all cost.

You can find them in my shop on Teachers Pay Teachers (click here) and on my own site, A Modern Teacher (click here).

Top 5 Reasons I created this planner and you should have one 🙂 :

1. So you can plan with the end in mind and see not only the week but the month AND the year!

Teacher Lesson Planner

2. Laminated Colorful STURDY tabs (I love color, but nothing over powering!) so you can flip to the month with ease

Lesson Planners for A Modern Teacher

3. So you can change the covers to your liking in one easy download.  If you are anything like me, your tastes change and something you might have wanted at the beginning of the year is not something you want at Spring Break.  You can change it up with a digital download you print yourself.

Printed Lesson Planners for A Modern Teacher

4. So you can put YOUR favorite colors and stickers inside, not mine.

Lesson Planner

5. So you have a place for note-taking and to-do lists and sticky notes.  Because who doesn’t love sticky notes!

Lesson Planner

These are the 2016-2017 Lesson Planners.  If you are looking for the personal planners, you can read all about those here. Unfortunately, these will not be in production this year.

Thank you again for all your support.  You can find this Teacher Lesson Planner HERE and HERE.

xo, april