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Last year I started a blog series called “Book Love”.  Well, I love alliteration so I’ve changed it to “Literacy Love”. (you know us teachers!)  Just some quick posts about some of our favorite book finds.  This weekend we celebrate Grandparent’s Day.  How fun!  My favorite place to be is at my grandmother’s house.  As my kids are getting older, I appreciate the time they have to spend with their grandparents.  Life is just too short.  I hope they are able to create long friendships and memories with my parents and my in-laws.  I think grandparents have the best job.  They get to love on the kids tons and tons and then leave when they get tired.  HA!

These two books are super super cute.

41 Uses for a Grandma and 40 Uses for a Grandpa by Harriet Ziefert

They go through 4o and 41 different ways to interact with a grandpa and a grandma.  The illustrations are simple, colorful, and just precious.  As a way to celebrate and make text-to-self connections, kids can draw (and/or write about) what they do with their grandpa or grandma.  How do they “use” their grandparents?  What do they love to do with them?

Grandparent's Day


The freebie includes a printable for both a grandma and a grandpa.  Just click HERE or the image. Just a fun little freebie!

Have a great weekend!!

Grandparent's Day