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Spiders! Do you creep out as much as I do when I see them? I just don’t like anything that crawls in the dirt or on walls except ladybugs. Sorry, I am just not that gal. Even with 2 boys. Sorry boys. What about you?  Do you sort of get the eeby-geebies?

My son, Grayson, the 2 year old, is so cute right now because he sees the fake spiders we’ve decorated with and says, “Look, Mom!! Sp-ooooky!” He only talks in 2 or 3 word phrases so it is absolutely the cutest thing!

We love the story, Scaredy Cat Splat, by Rob Scotton.  I tend to decorate around a picture book (go figure). I thought it would be fun to base it, again this year, around Scaredy Cat Splat.  A few years ago I shared some Halloween stations you could use in your room to celebrate Halloween without all the scary parts (though I think spiders are scary). HA!

Well, the stations need some editing right now but I thought it would be fun to share the EEK print signs for free. Just click HERE. Just turn it into a banner and add some fake spiders everywhere in your classroom. AND BAM. DONE. Now, why would you even add this?

Adding elements like this brings:


Which brings buy-in

Which brings MOTIVATION

Which brings less behavior issues

EEK Banner Freebie Adding some motivation

Motivation to learn about spiders or other creepy crawly insects. Motivation to hear other Halloween picture books.  Motivation to complete projects around spiders and other creepy-crawly things.

Since I know your focus is on the content of your lessons, sometimes, motivating the kids gets left behind. In my opinion, it has to be done, so I’m taking one thing off of your plate. Here is one piece I can bring to you for free right now.

Use it if you like it. Print it out and hang and then add a BUNCH of other spiders throughout the room. OOOOOH—SPOOKY!

Enjoy!  Don’t forget, last chance to enter to win the the Scholastic Teacher magazine subscription is tonight. The winner will be announced tomorrow.  xo, April