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Beautiful. Inspirational. Quick. Connect.

Four words I think of when describing Instagram.  I seriously can’t tell you how many times I get up and just GET THINGS DONE because of this little APP.  I mean, hey, we all need some inspiration to get things moving and for me, Instagram is the perfect place to do that.  I love sharing behind the scenes images, images of my little family, and ideas & inspiration you can use NOW.

Buuuuut, I know a ton of you don’t have Instagram.  While I do encourage you to join me over there, I know some of you would rather come here.  I completely get it.

Well, don’t worry, today I’m bringing you my favorite posts over the last few weeks from Instagram.  I’m happy to say they are readers’ favorites too.  YAY!

Here Jack and I are playing with chocolate gold coins #shhdon’ttell ! (you can find these at Party City)

Make it Modern Instantly Teacher Inspiration

Lily made this adorable leaf.  I thought it was just what the flowers needed.  A sweet little addition. Since you might not be over there you might not know…every Friday, I try to share an image of flowers, just for you.  You made it.  You made it to Friday.  You deserve some flowers.  If I had all the money in the world, I would deliver flowers to you in person. 🙂

Make it Modern Instantly Teacher Inspiration

I added some gold spray paint to a Dollar Store Find (from Target) for those extra-special writing days and rewards. Lots of discussion on IG about whether the paint would stay or not.  I hope it does!

Make it Modern Instantly Teacher Inspiration

Organizing is so much more fun with some new gold shoes.

Make it Modern Instantly Teacher Inspiration

Melanie, one of my best friends, revealed her ****AMAZING*** classroom.

Make it Modern Instantly Teacher Inspiration

And did you know, for the first time in my life, a necklace (or any jewelry for that matter) was named after meeeee?  Me?  Say what??!!  Eek!  My friend, Bridget from Lovely Little Leaders, (who also sells a Teacher Binder, I might add) made a custom necklace for me and before I knew it, she named it after me. WOW! You can choose any color tassel and make it your own.  It comes with a GORGEOUS clear crystal and it is absolutely perfect.  I wear mine all.the.time.

Make it Modern Instantly Teacher Inspiration

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In fact, join me on Instagram.  I’d love it!!

xo, April