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DIY: Mini-Chart stand (under 5 bucks) 


Clipboard Stand, Mini-Easel, Place to Put Mini-Anchor Charts, Place to Put Directions at a Station or Center……the possibilities are endless!   Well, I love organizing. And I love me some DIYs.  So, this is a little bit of both and it can also be a great gift for Teacher Appreciation…Mother’s Day…etc. You could put a recipe on it..or WHATEVER on it….personalize..oh I could go on… 


I would use these in the classroom at my guided reading table with directions for the students.  That way if I am working with a small group, they know exactly what to do while I make sure the other students are on-task. 


Total Cost: About $3.50 (if you already have a clipboard ready to go-to make the clipboard costs about $2.00) Time frame: About 20 minutes 


First of all, head on over to ModPodge Rocks and decide how you would like to cover your clipboard.  I found her awesome blog from Pinterest (isn’t this what Pinterest is all about? …making ideas your own..being inspired to making your life work better?) 


Then to make it into a stand…. 




Finished clipboard
Hot glue gun
Large wooden clip (I got mine from Hobby Lobby for about $3.50) 

Craft Paint



Procedure: (now don’t blink-you might miss this)


1.        Paint clip any color (I left my edges raw because I liked that look) 


2.      Glue clip about ¼ inch from the bottom of the clipboard (make sure to center it) 


3.      BAM.  You’re done.  Three easy steps. 


Now Go Get Your DIY On! If you wind up doing something a little different, I would love, love, love it if you shared it with me. Just send me an email at Or respond in the comments with how you used it. It would just make my little world.



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