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Around here, most schools have a copy code or copy limit.  Do you have one at your school?  I became a somewhat of a crazy-copy person….always trying hard to minimize the number of copies I made.  Well, actually, our whole team had to become that way.  Whether we liked it or not.  I likened myself to a character from Seinfeld, (hang with me a sec)….do you remember the ‘soup nazi’?  I was that for copies.  Ah!  “How many copies do you need?”  Know what you want…how many you want…get in–get out.  And if it took a long time…well, “no copies for you!”   I was never mean… or was I.?  Just kidding!  It was more like a joke.  HA!!!

So, to minimize copies we had to make for math (where I have taught we always did problem solving, we would type multiple word problems one one page (same problem–just copied and pasted several times), cut them up, paste them at the top of each student’s journal/notebook page and then they could show their thinking at the bottom.  Easy peasy but saved us from making a ton of copies.

Quick Tip for Math


Math Management


Math Management

Do YOU have a copy limit? Any other quick tips for those having to watch their copies?  I’d love to hear below.  As always, please join me on INSTAGRAM.  It is my new favorite social media place because crazy ads haven’t taken over it like Facebook.  Have a great week! ~April