Are you an organizer?  Do you bring your organizational skills home or do you keep it at school?  Do you sometimes walk the storage aisles at Target just because? All of us can stick together.  “Those who organize together, stay together.”  So, let’s have a party!!!

My husband and I call it organized chaos.  Our home still has a LONG way to go. I have so many projects to complete. But you gotta start somewhere-right?  I thought now might be a good time to put things in order at home before you put things in order at school.  It makes life as a whole a lot easier.

I chose to clean up my laundry room.  Now, there isn’t any earth shattering tips here.  But let me tell ya–laundry is my worst nightmare. The chore I just can’t stand.  I use to actually not mind it so much.  Then I had kids.  3.  Now…ugh.  I will stop writing now because I can complain for days.







And one more funny…



Here is my before shot.  Y’all.  Don’t judge.  It’s a disaster.  I hate that my name is even on here. I made it black and white so you get the full effect. Haha!!




What did I do?

1.  cleaned it all out–purge, purge, purge

2. made a list of everything I needed to keep in there

3. made labels for my bins using my very awesome silhouette

4. added matching bins from the Dollar Store and Target

5. dressed it up with some printables in green frames from Ikea

6.  painted the hookrack green

7. added a blue and green rug

Now, I would love to paint the entire room but that is for another day.  The room is small and there isn’t any natural light so please excuse the less than pretty pictures.

Here she is:




Your turn. 🙂  I’d love for us to share our organizing projects at home and get ideas from each other.  And if y’all want, I’m thinking of having one more in August to see how you get organized for back to school.  What do you think?