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  Non-fiction is my favorite.  I know, it’s fun to get lost in a fiction book.  For me, though, I love non-fiction.  I love learning new information and trying new things.  In third grade, we do a lot of non-fiction reading.  Do you use Time for Kids? My students loved Time for Kids.  I think you can use TFK to teach just about any nonfiction genre skill.  (you know I love Top 5 reasons…) So here are my (drum roll please)

TOP 5 Reasons why I love “Time For Kids”

(no they don’t pay me or anything LOL!)

1.  It’s short. Your students can read an article in a short amount of time—lots of ‘bang for the buck’.

2.  It’s up-to-date. Discussion is relevant.  Something they can go home and discuss with their parents too.

3.  Lots of non-fiction features.  You can find anything –great pictures, graphs, subtitles, charts…etc.

4.  Visually appealing.  Highly intriguing.  You know how we love pinterest?  Well, it’s all that eye-candy that lures us in.  Kids need that too.

5.  It comes with some notes for the teacher.  While the worksheets that accompany it aren’t always the greatest—(I really don’t use these).  The notes for the teacher are great!  It gives background information and probing questions.

  Ok. Since I know I’m going to use TFK all year long, I have the students glue this response chart on the inside cover of their reading response journal (or on a page in their journal-which you can read more about HERE).  This is what I have them use.  I also have students answer specific questions about the particular issue (that’s where I take a grade).  I’ll write about that in another post. J  I hope you can use this chart.  Which you can get HERE.

Do you use TFK? If so, I’d love to hear how you use it.  Have a great week!

PS  I’ve got some bookmarks that I think are pretty cool that students can use to answer questions with non-fiction texts.  It’s just another way to respond…  These are perfect for 2nd-4th grade.  You can find those HERE.  Only $2.50.  Can’t beat that 🙂 

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