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As a mom, sometimes I wish I could just wear a crown and everyone would be reminded that I need to be treated like a queen. Ha! I am sure there are many of us who feel this way. Well, your little students can solve this problem. Moms can wear these Queen Bee Crowns until they are 92!  I’ve teamed up with Astrobrights Papers to bring you a little Mother’s Day Craft and Writing Activity sure to put a smile on her face!

Mother's Day Craft A Modern Teacher


I would start by reminding your students who the Queen Bee is (the mother of a bee colony). Then I would talk about a play on words on how we are going to literally make a crown.


Astrobrights Paper found HERE (you can put out a variety of colors)

I specifically used these colors but you can use any!

crown: Fireball Fuchsia

bee: Sunburst Yellow

flowers: Rocket Red, Celestial Blue, Martian Green, Cosmic Orange

queen bee cards: Galaxy Gold

template for flowers found HERE

template for bee, also found HERE

template for crown, again, found HERE

poster board (usually for head bands I use sentence strips but for adults, it is a bit too small)

little printable card, again in the free download HERE

black pom-poms (optional)

If you use the pom-poms for either the bees’ antennas or the middle of the flower, I would suggest using super glue, like the one HERE  It just makes life easier. 🙂

Mother's Day Craft A Modern Teacher


  1. Trace and cut out the crown, bee (print out on Sunburst Yellow for one less step), and several flowers
  2. Glue the bee on the crown, add black antennas and pom-poms (optional)
  3. Cut a strip of the poster board (about 4 inches wide) to make a headband
  4. Glue crown on the headband
  5. Decorate the headband with flowers (add some personality here 🙂
  6. You can add pom-poms as the middle of the flower or just use paper (circle template provided on download here)
  7. Staple the headband together

That’s it.

Mother's Day Craft A Modern Teacher

To finish it up, students can write *why* they think their mom is THE Queen Bee. The writing card is also provided in the download HERE. Print it on Astrobrights Paper to add the bright colors and voila, handmade from the heart. I hope you like this Mother’s Day Craft!

She can wear it forever and I promise, she’ll love it!

Happy Mother’s Day!

xo, april

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Mother's Day Craft A Modern Teacher


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