This one is for all you Texas friends out there!  Let’s combine SCHOOL SUPPLY FAVORITES with the ONE PLACE THAT HAS IT and what do you get?  HEB!  I gotta tell you–I love, love, LOVE HEB. For those of you outside of Texas, HEB is a grocery store but not JUST any grocery store, not only is it the store.ever but it also has WAY more than groceries.  Crazy-huh?  I know you might shop at HEB for its’ fabulously fresh produce or its’ wide-selection of meats but did you know it also has many must-have back to school supplies?  Which you can get to at the blink of an eye (because we all know there are HEBs everywhere)!  Yes, please!

a modern teacher school supplies HEB

What are on the list for must-haves this year?

I think these dry erase crayons, pencils, and markers are a bit of a game changer if you ask me.

a modern teacher back to school supplies

If you are a primary teacher, they have primary composition books which are definitely a must-have. And they are on sale!  YAY!

a modern teacher back to school supplies


Of course, they have all the tried and true school supplies, like markers, folders (with prongs!), scissors, manilla paper, colored map pencils, glue, and construction paper.  Perfect for anything you need to add to your classroom. Someone asked on Instagram about the quality of the colored map pencils.  I LOVE them.  If you are new here, you’ll find out that I’m pretty picky when it comes to 3 things: planners, clothing, and supplies.  From pens to glues, I really look at the quality.  In fact, I was just using these last night to map out August’s plans.  Can’t go wrong.

a modern teacher back to school supplies HEB

What I really love are the crayons (on sale, limited time).  If you’re like me, you want to welcome kids with a little something but also something useful.  You also know that some kids…actually a lot, don’t have simple crayons at home to complete their homework.  To start the year, I love to give a simple crayon box.  Everyone loves crayons–right?  At HEB, you can snag some crayons up, print out this free download gift tag, and you’re good to go.  A little gift and something they can use all year long….setting that tone for the entire year.  {high five}  (click HERE for tag)

free back to school printable

My experience with HEB is always a good one and the fact that I can hop in the car and get to one at a moment’s notice is so valuable to me and my family.  If I need something for school, they have it, and it’s an easy trip.  I will also say that I’m a bit biased because HEB was my very first job. Checker April.  Most of us in Texas start at HEB, it’s a family tradition as we like to say here.  I’m proud to support them.

back to school with HEB

Head there for all your back-to-school needs Texas friends!

xoxo, April


This post is sponsored by HEB.  All opinions are my own.  I only share what I think is the highest quality for teachers and parents.