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“You are so brave!”  This is one of the many sayings on the encouragement cards, included in my new “Monthly Themed Classroom Management Tools”.  It’s October and you might be feeling like the honeymoon is over.  Do you feel that way?  Maybe most of your kids are doing great but you need just a little something.  Something for managing your students to get all of you over the October hump.

I created a little pack that might just help.  This pack is all about positive rewards.  And the good news is that it will be part of a “growing bundle“.  I will be posting a new pack every month with resources based on themes for that month. The entire year-long pack will be for August-May.

Year Long Classroom Management Tools

Fall themed Classroom Management Tools

Positive Behavior Tools like:

Weekly Quotes for Motivation

Behavior Charts

Happy Notes

Encouragement/Praise Cards

Student of the Week Award

and a Daily Contract for individualized positive behavior

Positive Behavior Tools

Also includes the Teacher Tools:



Thank You Notes

To-Do Lists

Monthly Calendar

Weekly to-dos

Teacher Tools

AND a Whole Group Class Activity: “Build an Owl” (which can be used in a variety of ways)

There are a couple of options:

either go by the month and get the October Pack HERE

or the Entire Year HERE.

And of course, don’t forget the Freebie for FAll that I have in the shop!

How is your October going?  xoxo, April