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Allright-how many papers are put in your hand in one day?  Be honest.  Oh maybe just a gazillion. Right?!  My gosh, teachers have so much paperwork. I remember (many, many moons ago) one of my mentor teachers gave me some great advice.  If something is in your hands, put it away..put it where it goes.  Right then.  Don’t stop. Don’t collect $200. Great advice-right?  What about if you don’t know where it should go? I remember walking around forever with something in my hand, not knowing where it should go and then BAM.
On my desk.
Problem Solved.  Ha!!
So, I created a Teacher Binder to help you with Classroom Organization and Management and ALLLLLL the information you are collecting.  In what I think (and hopefully you will too) some really fun designs.  If it makes you smile just a little bit more, why not make it fun? Go on with your organizing self! Make your life a little easier.  This way you have a place to put it ALL!

The All In One Teacher Binders come in over 20 designs!  Check it out HERE! 

Teacher's Classroom Organizer

There are over 50 printables/charts to help you stay organized with your class, parents, and support personnel (volunteers, staff, substitute).


Teacher's Classroom Organizer

There are over 30 covers ready to go.  Plus a blank cover is also included for you to either write on or edit in Power Point.

Yes, the Classroom Organizer is editable in Power Point.  You can choose to print out the PDF file and write or you can type in fields in the document in Power Point.

An All In One Option.  The Teacher Binder and Teacher Planner includes everything you need to stay organized.

Teacher's Classroom Organizer


Teacher's Classroom Organizer

For pages and titles of covers, please check out the previews in my store. Tons of information is given in the product description and the downloadable preview.

Right now (June 3, 2013) I have uploaded the
Teacher’s Classroom Organizer {Chevron Chic}

Teacher’s Classroom Organizer {Who Has It Together?}

Teacher’s Classroom Organizer {Happy Day!}

Want to see a video of what is inside?  Check it out below!


So, is this something you think you could use? Stay tuned for some summer fun. I can’t wait!!


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