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I’ve been talking a lot here on how books inspire SO many parts of my life (even started a little series on ‘book love’).  More parts than I ever realized before this blog.  I think all teachers are that way.  Wouldn’t you agree?  We are constantly making connections to our own lives and coming up with grand schemes on how to connect and apply.  I had a principal once tell our staff that it was ridiculous to do projects after reading a book.  I think that is horse feathers!  (Ha!  Don’t laugh at me too much!  I would say something else but want to uphold a little integrity here–hahahah) I understand her argument of how now, in my adult life, I won’t necessarily do a project after every book I read BUT I definitely think it is one way to get kids excited about reading.  It can be a huge motivating factor to fall in love with a book ~for some kids (and of course, depends on the project).

So, today I bring you a little project after reading Pete the Cat: Valentine’s Day is Cool.  It is a sweet story of friendship and openness.  One of the characters brings a huge heart saying “LOVE” to school.  Since we are working on identifying letters and sight words, I thought it would be fun to do a project with the word LOVE.

First, we read the book.  I purchased this book at Target.  The book has some added goodies like a poster, stickers, and valentines.  So fun~right?!  Then we made some connections to our own life and then we applied what we learned about the letters in LOVE.

Pete the Cat for Valentine's Day

Oh and I did this project for gifts, however, it would be so easy to use this as a word station and put some stencil letters out and viola ~practicing a very important word in our language.

How to Make a not-so-perfect-made-by-kids LOVE canvas sign {in less than 15 minutes}

Pete the Cat for Valentine's Day




Pete the Cat for Valentine's Day

letter for stenciling

Pete the Cat for Valentine's Day


paint brushes


1. Secure letters onto canvas with tape

Pete the Cat for Valentine's Day

2. Paint around letters (I know E is a little close to the V here-ha!)

Pete the Cat for Valentine's Day


Pete the Cat for Valentine's Day

If you want to add a picture like I did for “O”, do not tape the letter “O” down.  Just use the letter as a guide for how much space you need to leave between the letters “L” and “V”.

3.  Slowly remove the letters and you’re done

Pete the Cat for Valentine's Day

4.  If you want to add a picture, just print one out and cut it in the shape of a heart and hot glue it on.

Pete the Cat for Valentine's Day

This is NOT perfect ~~and that my dears ~~ is what I love about it.

Have a happy Valentine’s Day! xoxo