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Owls! They will never go out of style.  Owls symbolize wisdom, insightfulness, and are illustrated with so much charm and wit. If you choose this as your classroom theme, then you could go on for years, adapting it up to meet the needs of different grade levels and different genders. It appeals to both genders and creates a sense of scholarly fun among the children. If you are planning your classroom, Owl Love Style is a sure win!

When gathering these items, I had to really scale back on so much.  There are many, many different ways to decorate with owls.  Now, in my opinion, the point is to not just decorate with owls because they are cute, wouldn’t you agree? Our rooms have to go deeper.  So, I suggest referencing owls all year long.  *Why* are they so interesting to you? *Why* should anyone be interested in them? *What* do you want the kids to know?  Chances are, some time in their life, they are going to encounter an owl.  And you know what…..they are going to think back to you and their classroom.  And their learning time with you and know it is REAL.  Giving them a *real* experience.  And then the two worlds collide. And then.…magic happens. (not real magic-ha! I’m not talking about woo-woo stuff!)

Although I choose to use illustrations of owls in this decor (because they are so darn cute), I think it is smart to have real images somewhere in your room.  Whether it is in anchor charts, posters, small printables…you get the idea.

So, now for the decor.  I choose to use modern, bright owls.  However, there is a LOT out there for calm owls too.  And of course, if you are in need of a teacher binder and planner to go along with it, I’ve got you covered HERE.

To read a little bit more of my philosophy on classroom decorating, I write briefly about it here, here, and here.

Classroom Planning Owl Theme

Now, I will say FIRST, check out Schoolgirl Style’s post HERE. The pictures of all the classroom decor with owls is *amazing*!

Next, #3 (in the picture above)….this bulletin board paper is everything. Since owls are nocturnal, the dark blue night sky is perfect, without making the room look *too* pitch black dark.  I really started here.

  1. Orange bulletin board borders found HERE from Schoolgirl Style
  2. Hot pink bulletin board borders found HERE from Carson-Dellosa
  3. Night Sky bulletin board paper found HERE from Pacon
  4. Lanterns found HERE from Schoolgirl Style
  5. Owl Banner found HERE from Schoolgirl Style
  6. Book Bins found HERE from Really Good Stuff
  7. Owl labels and decor set found HERE from Schoolgirl Style


Planning for your Classroom Owl Theme

8. Owl desk lamp found HERE from Target (affiliate link)

9. Owl bookends found HERE from Amazon (affiliate link)

10. Teacher Binder and Lesson Planner found in my shop HERE

11. Turquoise chair found HERE from Walmart

12. Book shelf found HERE from Target (affiliate link)

13. Blue cubbies/containers found HERE from Target (affiliate link)

14. Chair found HERE from Walmart

15. Orange rug found HERE from Home Depot

16. Hot pink storage bin found HERE from Walmart

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading “Classroom Planning” posts these past 2 weeks.  I had A TON of fun putting them together! Let me know if there is something “owl” you just love and have to share with everyone.

This post does contain some affiliate links.  I will only suggest things I feel are worth suggesting!  Thank you!!

xo, april

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