7:51 Pledge
11:53 Lunch
12:27 Recess

Teachers have exact times for everything during the school day.  Be in line at this particular minute…arrive at the lunchroom door at this minute….go to the bathroom at this minute…you know how it goes!!  Now, I don’t know what you do after 3:30 but during the day, there is definitely a routine.  The school is successful with the routine.  It runs smoothly.  Just as the school is successful, in my opinion, kids can be successful with routines. They thrive on routines at school (with flexibility, changes, and surprises within those routines).

So, a very important time during the school day is the first 30 minutes.  The first 30 minutes sets up most of the tone for the entire day (to me).  And Monday mornings.  Whew!  Monday mornings can be exhausting.  However, Monday mornings can also set your students up for success for the entire week.  On Monday mornings, we always had a “Monday Goal-Setting Meeting” which took place right after our morning meeting.  On that day, we usually put any birthdays, events, and goals for each subject in our planner.  Planner?  Yes, we had a standard planner for the entire school.  Well, one for K-2 and one for 3-5.  The planner was ok.  Just ok.  Allright, who am I kidding, it stunk!  There was not enough room for the students to write, it didn’t include a birthday page, no weather page, the monthly page was too small, and communication for the parents was lacking.  What do you know, I CREATED ONE!

With this tool, you can set up the routine for the week.  Let me show you the highlights. (Please check out the store for a full preview.)

Student and School Planner

First up, resources for parents.  I think it is helpful for parents to know what terms their child is learning.  It allows them to help with homework more effectively.  I have also included a parent resource that lists all of the Common Core Standards (“My child can…”).  I have found most parents want to know the specific standards or objectives…they want to know what their child is learning.

My favorite part for parents is the parent communication page with enough room to write and communicate to the parent (and for them to communicate back)!

Next, resources for students at home.  The planner includes content like geometric shapes and addition facts (to name just a couple).  Relevant resources for each grade level.

Of course, resources for students at school.  For example: a weather graph, a birthday calendar, a contact page, a schedule page, a weekly goal-setting page.

The planner also comes with monthly pages you can use for events, calendar practice, and/or parent communication.  One month is editable (yes, you read that right–editable in Power Point).  You can use this template for however long you would like.  I also included months August 2013-June 2014 in case you want it done for you.  On this calendar, there is a spot for parent initials.  Next year, the plan is to come out with another planner for 2014-2015 already done and ready for you to go with the option of using it forever if you edit it in Power Point.

Oh and don’t forget! This planner comes with kid-friendly Common Core posters.  I created this so you can display the posters for the students while writing their goals for the week.  The posters say “I am learning to…”

I did mention editable–right?  YES! The planner is editable or programmable in the fields where you type.  For example, you can type the students’ names, however, you can’t change the wording of the Common Core posters.  You can type your name or the events of the month, but you can’t change where the word ‘August’ is written.  Basically, anywhere there is a field, you can type the information.  You can not change the template or the wording on any part of the planner (copyright law).

You can put it in a folder:

Student and School Planner with Parent Resource

A binder:

Or have it comb or coil bound (I used a great binding machine from mybinding.com):

I truly, truly hope this helps with routines, goal-setting, and parent communication.





What do you think?  Is this something you could use?  I will be having a giveaway for two of these planners in addition to a teacher planner (two winners) that starts now and will last until 8:00PM central time.  Just leave a comment below with your email address.  I will use random.org to select a winner.  Nothing fancy.  No major requirements.  The giveaway is now over.  Thank you for entering!!!  I would love, love, love a pin to pass along the information but not required.  Just let me know if this is something you could use or what you think about this project I’ve been working on.

Of course, if you want a planner for yourself, check out the many different Teacher Planners in the store.

Thank you for ALL of your support.  Y’all are awesome!!!!

Thank you for entering the giveaway!!  It is now 8:00PM Central time so the giveaway is over.

The winners of the giveaway are……

Miss B and Steph B!!!!!  Look for an email from me tonight.  Thanks again for all your support.

Have a fabulous week!!