Non-teaching related but oh-so-fun.  Have you seen all the Advent Calendar Ideas on Pinterest?  Wow!  There are so many good ideas out there.  I wanted to change up our calendar {one of those cheapy chocolate ones} and have some fun with it.  So, I came up with this:

Advent Calendar

Several years ago we picked up {in Canton} old Coke and Dr.Pepper crates.  We have used these for a few different things throughout the years but this year I knew it would be perfect for an Advent Calendar.  With exactly 24 little cubbies, it gives just enough space for me.

I started with these materials:

wooden crate

circle tags

number stamps



small bags

letters for the top (I choose JOY and these are made out of corkboard)

gold spray paint

simple advent calendar


simple advent calendar


simple advent calendar

Super easy project:

I just stamped the circle tags 1-24;

and stamped the bags 1-24;

decorated the bags a little…

simple advent calendar

filled them–half with chocolate and the other half with activities and these scripture tags from Life Made Lovely

simple advent calendar

then just stuffed the little cubbies with the bags;

I strung the circle tags on twine and draped them across the rows.

I also spray painted the letters gold.  I meant to take a picture of the letters before and after but added them late in the project so I didn’t get a picture.

I attached the letters with some sticky strips on top of the crate but we’ll see if this last.  I might hot glue them if they start to come off.

So, that is it!

simple advent calendar

My daughter was having fun counting her numbers.  And both my kids are so excited about opening up each bag each day.

simple advent calendar


simple advent calendar


simple advent calendar

Do you have an Advent Calendar for your family?  I’d love to hear about it!


Feel free to share this on pinterest or facebook.  Happy Creating!