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So, you’re going to find out that I love task cards!  Task cards are an excellent way to reinforce concepts.  You can use task cards at stations, as a game, for early finishers, kids needing more challenge…kids as a whole group…rotate through students….I’m sure I haven’t even thought of all the ways to use task cards. 

Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Task Cards

1. Reinforce concepts: you can use these as a review before a test

2. Differentiated: there might be many levels of task cards in one classroom and NOBODY knows the difference.

3. Teacher can be the facilitator. Roving and asking questions.

4. Meant to be fun!

Top Reason why I love task cards: They are so versatile. You can use them for any subject, any skill.

And…I just had to share.  St. Patrick’s Day is a p-er-fect day to complete task cards.  I usually give them about 7- 8 minutes to complete the task.  Then we switch. Add a little leprechaun trap or a St. Patrick’s Day craft (or congruency and symmetry practice sheets) and you have a fun-filled day.
So here are some free Math and Literacy Task Cards.  Click HERE! These cards are appropriate for 2nd and 3rd grade.  However, depending on your class, 1st grade and 4th grade could also use these.

Do you use task cards?  If so, what else do you do with task cards?