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I absolutely can not believe it is that time of the year again! Time to share with you the new teacher binders to become an organized and prepared modern teacher!

I also can not believe this will be my FIFTH year sharing these with you.  WHAT??!!  Time sure does fly when you are having fun!  I am SO happy and excited to share with you an even more clean and simple resource.

This resource will give you everything you need to handle all the paperwork and information that comes your way.  AND it gives you all the lesson plan templates you need to create successful lesson plans.

ALL the complete details can be found HERE.

But let me tell you, after looking at the survey, I knew that I had to make the time to finally come up with this version.  Over the years, I’ve had so many requests for different themes, I can’t begin to tell you.  I truly hope you are happy with this resource.

So…what’s so clean and simple about this?

Personalized Teacher Binder


#1   First of all, the calendar be updated every year for free.

#2  The teacher binders will have a ton of different editable cover options –both as a pdf and as a power point file.  READY FOR YOU TO PERSONALIZE HERE!

#3  The inside pages are black and white and will all be the same, clean and simple templates.  The only font you need is already on your computer: century gothic.  No need to download new fonts. I love century gothic for the clean, simple, and modern look.

That’s it!

Will there be new designs like previous years?  Absolutely!  But these will be added with time due to the time it takes to create these.  The difference is that in the past, I’ve created the inside pages to match the covers.  For example, in my nautical themed planner, the inside pages have a nautical theme.  It is super fun to have these kind of planners so I won’t stop creating them. They will just be added very slowly and only a limited amount each year (not like the 20 I added last year :). Let me stress again, these covers do not match the inside pages to a “t”.  The look is still simple, but they are not colorful to match.  Just PRETTY and BASIC.

What is also fun about this new PRETTY BASIC Teacher Binder download are all the choices in one download. So far there are over 45 covers.  And not just in themes.  The cover choices include printer friendly ones, black and white ones, and colorful ones.  All in super stylish and modern designs.  No more boring 1992 apple ones!

If you’re ready to be organized and prepared and ready to conquer your school day (all in a super stylish way), head HERE.

Personalized Teacher Binder

xo, april

P.S. This new PRETTY BASIC teacher binder will be 50% off for a limited time. Updates to the previous year’s calendars will be completed very soon.