Did you know, I created a Student Planner many, many moons ago?  Yes, I found the school-issued planner was not meeting my kids’ needs, so I created one.  And along with the digital teacher planners I have in my shop on Teachers Pay Teachers, I update the calendars for free every year.  There is also a calendar that is completely blank if you want to fill in the dates with your students.

Here is a peek inside the planners. I only created the planners for K, 1,2,and 3.  Sorry about not having ones for 4th and 5th (and up). Since I haven’t taught these grades, I really didn’t feel comfortable creating one at these levels.

Let’s take a look:

student binder student planner


You can place the pages in a folder, binder, or comb/coil bound it.

Student Planners


Student Binder

This planner specifically includes:
*Parent Resource with Common Core State Standards listed
*Kid-Friendly Common Core Posters
*Monthly Calendars (August 2016-June 2017 and blank dates for personalization)
*Covers (both standard option and customization option for individual classroom/student)
*Student Information Page
*Class Rules
*Class Mission
*Schedule (one option with 7 blocks, one option with 9 blocks)
*Birthday Calendar
*Number Charts
*Contact Lists
*Reading Strategies Page
*Math Addition Facts
*Number of the Day
*Weather Page
*Weekly Events Page
*Weekly Goals Page
*Parent Communication Page
*Nightly Reading Log
*Weekly Words

student calendar
Here is what I did:

I would put these pages in a folder. Just a personal preference.  I like to use a sturdy, plastic folder.  I also put all the reference sheets together (like the number charts, etc.) at the front.  Then in the back, I put the calendars.  I liked to write something that would show the parents what kind of day we would have, for example a star or a smile or even just my initials. I didn’t like to put a stamp or sticker because I just couldn’t keep up with that.  For whatever reason, I just couldn’t manage that piece.  You could have a student do this or even each student do his own, depending on appropriateness.  I also had parents initial each night just to show they saw the folder.  I know communication is key and staying up-to-date and in the “know” is super, super important.

I hope you take a look.  This resource can save you a ton of time and increase communication.  YAY for that!!

You can find them HERE.

Let me know if you have *any* questions!! helloamodernteacher@gmail.com

xo, april