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We are having a party today!  It is our 2nd Annual Summer Bucket List Linky Party.  Miss Kindergarten, Cupcake, and I had so much fun last year, that we thought we’d do it again.  Thanks to PINTEREST, there are plenty of projects to be done!  What will you be up to?  Can’t wait to read yours 🙂

Summer Bucket List 2013


At Home

Well, it is 79 degrees as I type this.  Starting to get warm but not near where it will be I’m sure.  First and foremost, I plan on taking the kids to the pool.

This is my son from 2 years ago…

Summer Bucket List Party 2013

In the Playroom/Classroom

This next one is a biggie (it will probably take all summer)…..

I really want to fix our playroom.  There are so many things not working in there…I can’t begin to tell you.  Although, maybe I will.  Maybe a post on our playroom???  🙂

I have so much inspiration from Pinterest, I even have a board dedicated to the playroom.

Here are a few images I am in love with:

Summer Bucket List Party 2013

Summer Bucket List Party 2013

Summer Bucket List Party 2013
For me

The BEACH!  It is calling my name!

Here is a picture of my daughter last year:

Summer Bucket List Party 2013

Mostly, I will be doing all the normal mommy/blogging stuff and making sure this bun in the oven is growing healthy.  (Did you hear I am expecting?!–Picture coming soon 🙂

Have a great summer everyone!!!
Link up and show us what you’re doing…for your classroom…teaching…home…life…whatever!! (don’t forget to grab the image up top and link back)