Summer Bucket List

We’re having a par-tay!  Summer is right around the corner so Hadar, Teri, and I thought we’d celebrate with a little party.  Have you thought about the summer? (of course you have!!) What are you doing this summer?  Reading Daily 5…a craft.. DIY…organizing…swimming…??  The list can be a lengthy one….thanks to pinterest!  And I’m all about lists.  So here is my Summer Bucket List (which includes things for the home, family, school, and one little thing for me :)…

(And my crazy-self has to organize them)


make this…

source: via April via pinterest

and this…

source: via April via pinterest


something like this….

source: etsy via April via Pinterest
another project for my hubby…sorry honey 🙂
not exactly this either..but I want some shutters in the family room!
source: google via April via pinterest
want to put together a menu board but it doesn’t need to be this big….
source: via April via pinterest
practice this…
source: via April via pinterest
read this…
(still haven’t read it or watched the movie—way behind!)

And on top of it all…normal everyday stuff…like pray, play, blog, make products, exercise!  Geez–that is a lot! :)..ya-right–like I’m going to get it all done-haha

If you wind up doing a DIY project, send a picture to me, I’d love to put everyone’s project together!! 

So, what is on YOUR bucket list?  Grab the code up top, then link up! Have a great weekend!