Kids getting a little hyper…ants in their pants??  “It’s the most wonderful time…”  No, it really is.  Here are TOP TEN IDEAS on how to stay sane and have fun before the holiday break:

Top ten ideas to survive the days before winter break

1.         Guest Readers

2.       Do a spin-off of “Elf on the Shelf”

3.       Fun writing prompts

4.       A holiday poem a day

5.       Plan a rotation with another class (or all classes on grade level) to meet an objective

(example: Traditions Around the World-each class takes a different tradition)

6.       Have students earn letters that spells out a special treat

(example: FREE TIME: you write 8 blanks on the board and the students have to earn each letter; then at the end of the day if they have all letters they earn 10 minutes of free time)

(another good one is NO SHOES-don’t have to wear shoes in the classroom the next day–they love this one)

7.       Plan for 5 minutes at the beginning of the day to talk about respect, positive environment then at the end of the day give 5 minutes to exchange compliments (appreciations or pats on the back)

8.       Read a fun holiday book at the end of the day as a reward

9.       Have an extra-special treat to raffle for at the end of the day or end of the week.

10.    TOP WAY TO STAY SANE AND HAVE FUN—Keep them busy!!

The reason why this works so well is because it’s different from the normal routine or reward system.  Do you have a way of getting through the last two weeks?  Good luck!!