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As the summer approaches (YAY!), you might be thinking of DIY projects to put on the to-do list. It’s time for a little come-back to the DIY projects on AMT!! Time for a little #TeacherDIY! (p.s. let’s use that hashtag on Instagram to all share. Yes?)  Ok, so a few years ago, I posted quite a bit of DIY (do-it-yourself) projects on the blog and well, I couldn’t keep up with everything.  Full disclosure. BUT this time, I have some help!!  I’m super excited to share that one of my best friends, a 1st and 2nd grade teacher of 10 years, is here to share a fun project and hopefully, a few more in the coming months.

Meet Megan!  A SUPER CREATIVE!  She *always* has a ton of ideas!  She is one of those people you always ask yourself, “how did she do that?”

Teacher DIY A Modern Teacher

Here she is with her project:

Are you looking for a fun way to display students’ work or charts in your classroom? Look no further!

Teacher DIY A Modern Teacher

Here is an easy and inexpensive DIY that will look like a million bucks on the walls of your classroom. These are upcycled frames that can be used for oh so many purposes. The clip makes changing them quick and easy (which you can find HERE). If you just want to make a couple of these guys you can use them for things like:

Anchor charts, class rules, each week choose a different student who went above and beyond and display their work here, Student of the Week, the list could go on and on.

You could also hang one of these for each kiddo in your class in the hallway and use it as a place to display children’s work. My biggest pet peeve is stapling and removing staples from the work of my students. I am just terrible at it and every time I seem to tear their little masterpieces. This way no staples are needed, simply clip a new piece of work to the wall. You can even put a little name plate above each one and keep it there all year. The parents will love it and you will love it because your walls will be very nice and organized and easy to maintain.

So, you ask how do I afford a frame for each kid in my class? Easy, any frame will work as long as it is large enough to hold a sheet of paper. Anything that is 8×10 or larger. The frames in these pictures are 10×12. It can be an ugly, broken frame that is a crazy color and it will work just fine. You can find these frames at garage sales, in your grandma’s attic, beg and borrow them from parents in your class, or I found mine in the damaged section of Hobby Lobby. The grey one is actually broken shhh, don’t tell anyone. It doesn’t matter if your frames look alike or are even the same size because the first step in making this project is to spray paint them.

Find a color of your choice I am a big fan of white but in a classroom you may want a more bold color. Buy a can of spray paint for about every 4 frames.

Teacher DIY A Modern Teacher

Then head on over to your local office supply store and buy a package of metal binder clips. You will need one for each frame. Now you are ready to hang them. Hang a nail for the frame and hang a nail through the hole of the binder clip and voila you have a beautiful place to display artwork. So, you say I cannot use nails in my classroom? Have no fear you can use these lovely 3m hooks instead to hang the frame and binder clips. You will need at least two for each picture frame.

And that’s it!  Spots ready to display the brilliant thinking and student work, ready to go!!

This is SUPER EASY–right?!  Don’t you love it?!  I am SO excited Megan is here!!

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xoxo, april

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