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Yesterday was fun y’all!  What do you say we do it again?!!

Ok, this is a FUN one!!  FLAMINGOS!!!!

Now, before I show you everything, I had a few people email about the new features.  What exactly is new?  Well, allow me to share….

This year’s new features:

1. You can now copy and paste all CCSS and TEKS right into your lesson plan templates.  In previous years all you could do was reference the standards and objectives.  This year…just copy and paste!  Super easy!  (Video directions included!–must have Power Point)

2. Lesson Plan Templates are completely editable.  I even made labels for you to move around if you need to.  So, not only are the boxes editable, all graphics in the lesson plan templates file are also editable

3. Calendars start with Sunday.  After many requests the calendars now start with Sunday.

4. Every year I will update the calendars for FREE!!

5. Calendars are saved as a an editable pdf, making it super crisp yet easy to type in to.

6. Binder Spines in 1 inch AND 2 inches.

7. All forms are completely editable.  They were last year in the text fields only.  This year the titles, size of text fields, and inside the fields are all editable.

8. 4 new video directions, in case you have questions on how to add text etc.

9. I trimmed the fat.  Took out what doesn’t need to be in there and combined Planner and Organizer together.  So, many people asked what’s the difference between the two were.  Now, it is ONE simple folder to unzip.

I think that sums it up.  If I forgot anything, I’ll let you know asap.  Don’t forget to check out the video preview!!

On to the flamingos…..

A Modern Teacher Flamingo Planner

Check it out in my TpT Shop!

A Modern Teacher Lesson Planners, Teacher BindersSlide03Slide04Slide05Slide06Slide12Slide13

You can find them in my shop HERE

Thank you!  Stay tuned for a fun giveaway tomorrow!

xo, April