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Are they good people?”  Paul Edelman, founder of TpT

Yes, I found out, yes they are.

The first Teachers Pay Teachers Conference was a success!

It was an honor to meet these two:

This is Paul and his wife.  If you follow me on Instagram you know I posted these pictures.  They mean so much. Really.  I know crazy-huh?!  Such influential people and I just met them.  And as I said on IG– ‘behind every great man is a great woman’.  Loved meeting her!!  So happy she was able to make it all the way from France.

I loved meeting Amy, Nicole, Jodi, Karen, John, and so many others from the staff of TpT.  They really are good people.

Of course, I learned a whole bunch.  Some highlights:




What?  Real friends over the internet?  Why yes, real friends over the internet.  I know, shocking.  You know, I grew up (now don’t laugh) a long time ago.

*No cell phones in college

*email wasn’t checked several times a day

*google hadn’t been invented

Making friends online…for an online business is NOT something I would ever, ever think would happen to me.

But it did.

And the friends I have made are good people.

Now, I am not in the generation of ‘selfies’–see above 🙂  Almost every picture I attempted to take on my phone came out blurry.  GRRR.  I will share this picture:

This is Adrianne from The Tutor House.  Adrianne and I met over 2 years ago and have maintained a close friendship.  We just click.  We have shared our fears, successes, laughed a lot and challenged each other a lot.  It has been a wonderful friendship.  But we hadn’t met in person.  Until the conference.  Finally, we got to meet and she is just as wonderful as she is online.  I am so thankful for her!

Besides the friends I was able to finally meet in person and the new friends I made, there was a lot to learn.  Just a few…

* (to keep track of how your pins are doing)

* (easily makes hyperlinks for you and you can post them in product descriptions)

* search button on TpT (the little boxes next to the search box on the homepage allows you to look at products in a collage format  or  plain list etc.  I didn’t know that and I love it!)

* (to make your previews)

I came away with some ahas and it ‘clicked’ for me in a huge part of my business.  What clicked?  Well, you’ll find out soon.  I’m super excited about this and now with my kids a bit older, I’m ready to take it on. Ya baby!

John Yoo, CFO of TpT said “TpT is a superpower for teachers.”  I agree.  I want to help with the journey of empowering teachers.  Looking forward to what’s to come! And my absolute favorite quote of the week came from Deanna Jump and goes something like this…

“What you create is important and teachers have a choice.  Create quality resources because teachers are spending their hard earned money on your products.  Money that they could be spending on groceries.”  Yes!  I feel a responsibility to give you my all.  I know how hard it is and I am going to try my very darnest to go above and beyond your expectations….to empower you in your life… both at school and at home.

xoxo, April