It is here:  Back to School Time!  Say what?!!  I can’t believe it is already August.  And I can’t believe some of you have already started school.  For those of you who haven’t started, are you ready?  Well, I have something to help you get ready.  I am super proud to share with you the 2nd Annual Back-to-School Must-Have Guide.  You might remember the guide from last year.  It was so fun to share so many great products, Melanie and I had to do it again.

Back to School Must-Haves for 2013-2014

This guide is a compilation of different products and teaching resources for Back-to-School.  Fabulous teacher bloggers have contributed to the emagazine to make it an incredible resource.  One you don’t want to miss.  Click on the images to be taken to a specific link.  Oh, and don’t forget to stop and check out the bloggers.  There are so many more ideas on their blogs.  If you are a new teacher, a veteran, or somewhere in between we hope you will feel inspired and ready for a new school year.

Good luck this year!