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It’s FALL! Don’t you love this printable?  You can find it on Etsy!  So fun!

It is Week 3 of Throwback Thursdays.  I am taking the month of October for some time off from blogging and creating resources to spend time with my brand new baby and family.  Every Thursday I am highlighting some pasts posts I don’t want you to miss.  This one is for 2nd and 3rd grade teachers.  Here we go…talking about math and synthesizing while reading:

Ahhh– MATH TIME!  Do you get a chance to write during math time?  In the past, I have had my students write at the very beginning of math, at a station, or when they have completed their work. Sort of depends on what is going on.  Today I have a little freebie for you with some Fall Math Writing Prompts.  The way I do this is cut the strips and then have the students glue them at the top of their journal page (and then answer the question).  The prompts are appropriate for 2nd/3rd graders and a challenge (maybe not? 🙂 for some 1st graders.

You can find this little freebie HERE or click on the image.  Hope you can use it!!

Math Freebie A Modern Teacher

One more freebie:

Story Map Freebie from A Modern Teacher

Synthesizing!….putting all our thinking together.  It is funny how little kiddos learn ‘big’ words.  You hear them talking and you think to yourself… “did they just say that?”  Does this happen to anyone?????  I will hear them say something like:

*  I just used my schema!
*  The data on the graph says….
*  Let’s analyze this…
* I just synthesized my ideas!!!

It is so wonderful to hear!

To teach synthesizing, I would mostly have students write their thinking on sticky notes while I read the story. (and we would stop and think, share, and put the new learnings/ideas together).
But I thought it would be fun to actually have students fill out a graphic organizer while reading.

So, here is a little freebie for you:  Synthesizing with a Story Map.  This is a one-page story map with a candy corn theme.  Click HERE.

Hope you can use the freebies!