On your feet all day?  Why of course you are.  You are a teacher.  One of the many reasons why I loved small group teaching is because I got to sit down.  Ha!  Yes, right? I mean, there are a number of other reasons but boy, walking around, up/down, redirecting one student on one side of the room and then redirecting on another side can be exhausting.  And as a mom with 3 kids 5 and under, there is never a moment to sit. Truly.  If you want to keep up with your kids, it means you have to be on your feet.  No small group time there. Eek!  Comfy shoes are a must for me.  Today I’m sharing with you a new find that might change how your feet feel at the end of the day.

(I don’t always put my feet on a student’s desk but when I do it’s a pair of Tieks…. (bahaha) ))

Tieks Review

A lovely pair of TIEKS.  These shoes are a ballet flat with extra cushioning on the soles and heels of your feet.

Here is why I like them:
***extremely light. I have one bad knee…nothing too serious but if I wear heavy shoes, my knee is sore at the end of the day.

***extremely fashionable.  All the colors are yummy.  Plain and simple.  I’m not a girly girl so fancy shoes are not my cup of tea (unless I am attending a party–I do LOVE to dress up)….but heck no to the everyday.  I love all the colors.  I did choose the leopard print and I LOVE that decision.  I would love to get one more solid color though. (Actually, I would love to get more but price does play into this.)

***cushioned underneath the shoe for your soles and heels (super comfy)

***easy to take with you and change up if you are going from super casual to a little more dressy

***it’s like receiving a gift in the mail; packaging is beautiful!  They even write a personal thank you note.  Love it!  Makes you feel like a queen!

Tieks Review


Here is why I wasn’t happy on the first day of wearing them:

***It took 2 full days for me to break them in.  My left foot was fine–no problems.  But my right foot!  Ah!  My big toe was sticking out and pretty uncomfortable.  I was determined though so I kept wearing them.  2 days in…viola!!

They are now super comfy and I want to wear them all the time.


Couple of things to consider:

***Price point.  These shoes do run on high.  I love a great investment though!

***If you have high arches or need some arch support, these are not for you in my opinion.  There is no support for your arches. Although you could buy an insert (however, I have no experience with that).

I would love to buy a pair and maybe one day I will.  I wear my “Wild T” shoes almost every day.  Truly.  I love the sassy to them and I love how comfortable they are.

Take a look and find your pair.  I am spying these and these.  Yummy! (Didn’t know shoes could be yummy did you?)

And here I am running errands this past weekend for my son’s first birthday!

Tieks Review A Modern Teacher

I was not compensated by Tieks.  All opinions are my own.