This is a little different than my normal posts. And I’m excited to share! This blog is all about helping teachers find ways to simplify and maximize their time. From planners to lessons to meal-planning, I truly want to help you find ways at home and at school to simplify—giving you more time to do ~whatever~. To enjoy life. Whatever that means to you. If that means a lesson to help with curriculum or help getting dinner on the table, OR a planner to keep it all straight, I really want to bring tools and resources to you.

So, when my friend Maria, told me about Stitch Fix, I knew I had to give it a try. Let me tell ya, teacher friends, this is something you could use. Teachers have such busy lives. There isn’t a whole lot of time to go shopping. This is the perfect answer.

Teacher Style

The idea in a nutshell:

You answer a bunch of questions to give a stylist an idea of your likes and dislikes.  The stylist will then put together a selection of clothes you might like. Depending on the time frame you select, the box of clothes will be delivered directly to your mailbox anywhere from 2-6 weeks.  You have 3 days to try on the clothes and decide if you want to keep them or not.  Purchase the ones you want to keep, send back the ones you don’t want.  For putting together the outfits, there is a $20 fee. However, it can be credited toward a purchase.  That’s it!


Teacher Style

Here is the nitty-gritty of how it works:

1. Log in and create an account.

2. Answer a SUPER FUN questionnaire of your likes and dislikes on clothing.

3. Select a time frame for the clothes to arrive (either 2-3 weeks, 4 weeks or 6 weeks).

4. Pay a $20 styling fee.

5. Next is the hard part—wait (you can do it–and once it starts it will be awesome!)

6. Package arrives!!  You feel like a queen!

7. Try on everything in the box.  You have 3 days to decide what you would like to keep.

8. Keep what you want.  Send back what you don’t want in a return bag provided (no cost to you).

9. Log on and tell Stitch Fix what you want to keep, give feedback of what you REALLY liked and why and what you DIDN’T LIKE and why. And of course, pay.

10. Make sure your next FIX is scheduled!

That’s it!

Teacher Style

Here is why I like it:

1.  You don’t have to go anywhere.

2. You save time by…

3. no crowds

4. no traffic

5. no heading to 5 different stores

6. No gas to spend

7. Don’t have to worry about a sitter if you have kids or lug them around and keep them entertained.

Teacher Style

Now, I will say that I use to LOVE shopping…..before kids.  Shopping was something I actually ENJOYED doing.  I didn’t mind spending the entire day out. This is something I still love to do BUT it is hard when you have kids or you have a schedule like a teacher.  Put kids and being a teacher together (for some of you out there) and forget it–NO WAY.  Those weekends are just too precious.  For every day clothes, it is just SO hard.  Now, if I have a special event, or something I know I really want from say….Target or JCrew— I’m gonna go shopping, and the hubby will watch the kids.  BUT those days are few and far between.

In my first box I received:

1. The black and white floral shirt

2. The skinny jeans

3. The navy blue sleeveless shirt

4. The pink shirt in the last picture.

5. The black and white cardigan

The average cost for these items was $60.  A little pricey but so worth the time saved (and if you create products for your classroom or tpt–this is a must!)

What do you think?  Ready to give it a try?  Sign up HERE. I am so convinced you’ll like this–I am having a giveaway! 2 people will receive their styling fee waived.  I will pay for your stylist fee!  Wahoo!

Just enter below in rafflecopter.

This post does contain an affiliate link.  I give my honest opinions on Stitch Fix.  By signing up through my link, you are not charged anything extra.  Thank you and GOOD LUCK!~April

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