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There are few resources I consistently go to for up-to-date teaching methods, practices, and ideas. I mean every year and every month, for not just *any* teaching ideas but those that take the kids to the next level. You know what I mean: the cutting edge information. To me, I find this time and time again in Scholastic Teacher Magazine.



This is unlike any other teacher publication. The important word I wrote in that last sentence: teacher. It is for US. Who else in the publication world watches out for US and the kids? Very few. Very few dedicate all those dollars to reaching us…real teachers….consistently.

I am so incredibly excited to share a big change they’ve made: they’ve changed their name from Scholastic Instructor to Scholastic Teacher.  I am honored to share their good news!

It’s amazing, if you ask me. Most publishing companies would have changed their focus by now. Focus on teachers and classroom instruction? For over 100 years? VERY FEW COMPANIES. In fact, Scholastic is affirming their focus and mission, in my opinion, by dedicating themselves once again to teachers. YES!

To celebrate, they graciously offered a one-year subscription to one teacher.  Just enter through rafflecopter by leaving a comment on an area you think Scholastic Teacher Magazine could help you with.

Scholastic Teacher Magazine has also offered a discounted rate for a subscription which you can find HERE.

Wanna check out some articles found in the debut issue?

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I’m excited to share!  Have a great week!  xo, April