2005 changed my life. I got married *and* I discovered keeping allllll my teacher paperwork in three-ring binders. Well, almost all the paperwork. I started using teacher binders for better classroom organization. How did I do it? How did I go from files to almost all binders?

First, I have a question for you: Are you ready to get your classroom paperwork super organized? Well, then…

Let’s do this!

Step #1 Ok, this starts off with a bit of a disclaimer. My example is for a general education K-5 classroom teacher. If you teach something other than this, I *know* you can use this info but it’ll take some tweaking to make it work for your position. I used binders for 75% of my papers. I also used my Everyday Essential Bin and my project boxes (more on that in a future post). So what I mean is, you can have a bit of a hybrid system for your paperwork.  The key?  Have a system!

Step #2 Decide how you are going to group your paperwork. Ideas for grouping: weeks, themes/units, objectives/standards, skills, general, student data, etc. (If you need covers and tables to keep all the data and info, check out my Teacher Binder Bundle HERE.) I grouped my paperwork by objectives (skills) and general class and student information.

Step #3 Organize by color! Each subject gets a color!  Feel free to use what I used: Red for Reading and Writing. Yellow for Math, Green for Science, and Blue for Social Studies. I am not going to spend a gazillion amount of dollars or a ton of time tracking down different colored binders or making different colored spines. I use dot stickers and they have worked great. Color makes organizing just a bit quicker.  Not a necessity. In fact, I did quite well for many years alphabetizing within each subject.

editable teacher binder

Step #4 Stay consistent with the look of the binders and spines (makes it easier and faster for the brain to process).

Step #4 Print out the covers you need (you can find that HERE) and label the spines (you can print out the ones I provided in the pack, or you can use a label maker, use your own handwriting on an avery label, use stickers, or even use a vinyl cutting machine (like the silhouette).

editable teacher binders

Place on shelf, cabinet, file cabinet, or storage bins. If you store in the file cabinet or storage bins, just place the binders in with the spines facing up.

I hope this helps!  I know it changed my life! 🙂

If you need a resource for all your paperwork to be organized, check this out HERE:

editable teacher binder