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Hey everyone! Tanja from a Journey of a Substitute Teacher here!

Glad to be back here on April’s blog!

Today I bring you an idea of how to make a birthday just a little bit more special. I made two pennant buntings from washi in about 10 minutes. Seriously. And you can reuse over and over!

Just think how special you’d feel if you came in to class and you saw a pennant bunting hanging from your chair or desk? I know I’d love it. And especially if it was washi!

Here is the example for a girl’s desk. I grabbed some of this cute washi that my friend let me use. And some baker’s twine. I had to use cupcakes for a birthday!

I just folded a piece over the twine and went to town. Then I cut out a triangle or made a triangle. That’s it! Here’s a close up. You can see the polka dotted ones are cut into triangles.
And of course something for the boys. I don’t think they’d like the cupcakes or pink, but are still fun prints.
Black baker’s twine and ‘boy’ colors.