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This is probably the longest I’ve gone without writing a post and I feel like something has been missing the entire time!  I have had mucho going on in my life…vacation…birthdays…and since announcing the new planners I have been super super busy.  Plus, the planner was featured in the Teachers Pay Teachers Newsletter…a first for me.  Couldn’t believe it!!  I really went out on a limb submitting it… and since then I have made several tweaks to the planner…just making it more effective for you.  The planner is now editable in power point.  So, if you happen to purchase the planner you have an option to just write in it or type in it.  Enough of that though….

Today I thought it would be fun to bring you 7 DIY Projects for Math Manipulatives.  This is a collection of tools that I’ve seen around the internet.  Maybe you could use one in your class.  Do you have an idea on a DIY for Math Manipulatives?

DIY Math Manipulatives and Tools
Place Value using Paint Chips from Tattling to the Teacher
Using Paper Clips to Match Numbers from Mrs. Kelly’s Kindergarten
Angle Sticks from Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes
DIY Math Money Manipulatives 
Money Dice from Sunny Days Blog on May 22
DIY Giant Dice from A Modern Teacher
DIY Giant Dice from A Modern Teacher
DIY Place Value Tools
Place Value Tools from A Modern Teacher

DIY Math Manipulatives
Bottle Cap Math from FlapJack Educational Resources

Hope your creative ideas are blooming!