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DIY: Write on Hoops from A Modern Teacher

It’s Friday!  Yay!  I wanted to make sure I shared this little project here too.  On Monday, I was over at Classroom DIY but just in case any readers here didn’t get to see this easy peasy project, here ya go. 🙂  
This DIY is meant to bring a little FUN, ENGAGEMENT, and PRACTICALITY to your small group instruction.

For all you teacher-mamas this would be fun to bring some different tools to your homeschool routine or playroom (or even decorate any space).

DIY: Write on Hoops from A Modern Teacher

Have you seen chalkboard cloth?  I found some at the fabric store and knew I wanted to use it for something…well, maybe tons of things.  So how fun would it be for kids to write on chalkboard cloth while they are learning?

DIY: Write on Hoops from A Modern Teacher

Buy a few wooden embroidery hoops (about $1.50 at the craft store) and paint the wooden hoops a color to match your classroom decor OR cover them in washi tape.

DIY: Write on Hoops from A Modern Teacher

Cut the chalkboard cloth or vinyl the appropriate size of your hoops. (I made mne about 2 inches wider than the actual hoop)

Place in hoops and you’re done.  That’s it. 

Now kids can write on them with chalkboard markers (which work great and wipe off nicely).  They will be excited to come to small group meetings to use these cool NEW tools.  You could put these at a station or even have them for inside recess or as a priviledge of some sort.  The possibilities are endless and the kids will love writing on something fun!! 

(other ideas for home use–write your menu on them, write fun quotes, spell your child’s name, spell your name…have fun!)

Just a few other updates: 

This marks the end of 3 weeks of posting 5 times a week.  and well….can’t do it folks 🙂  Just a little too much. So my schedule of posting is changing…

I’m going to post 2 times a week here and 1 time a week on Classroom Celebrations..  With the occassional random posting on either site.

Mondays will turn to “whatever” here (although will mostly be organizational type stuff)
Fridays will stay at DIYs here

and no set date at Classroom Celebrations

I have a ton of ideas but I just don’t have the time.  Maybe one day…but not now 🙂

Have a great weekend!!!!  OH and this weekend (Saturday, September 22nd and Sunday, September 23rd)…I’m having a blowout on all my planners!!!!!  All planners will be $5.00 this weekend only.  Buy one for a friend if you’ve already bought one and really like it!  Have a good one one friends!

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