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Writing time can be magical or it can be…well, let’s just say, challenging…for both the student and the teacher.  I absolutely LOVE writing and teaching writing but I know some years were harder than others.  In my experience, sometimes you have to dig a little deeper to get them motivated to write.  Not only is this one way to over come some of the anxiety of writing but it is also something all writers have…a Writer’s Notebook.  I’m sure you have heard about a Writer’s Notebook.  To this day, I use a writer’s notebook in my personal life which is more like a “blogger’s notebook”  HA!  This little gem is a place to store all of our writing ideas. With the students, I always used a black composition notebook but I’ve seen so many different options.  You could use a spiral.  You could use a composition book cut in half.  You could use a mini-composition book.  Even just blank printer paper with construction paper as the covers would work.

writer's notebook cover freebie

If you aren’t familiar with a Writer’s Notebook…these 2 are my favorite resources:

A Writer’s Notebook by Ralph Fletcher (this one is my favorite)

ANYTHING by Ralph Fletcher is what you need 🙂

Notebook Know-How by Aimee Buckner and Ralph Fletcher is great!

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One of the important pieces of a “Writer’s Notebook” is ownership.  The student has to take lots of pride in the notebook and value what is inside it.  I love having the kids decorate their covers.  They could add their own personal items at home but if they are 3-D type pieces, they tend to fall off in a short period of time.  I think it is a great idea to add real pictures though.  As long as they are laminated or taped on pretty well, they hang on for awhile.  Here is a cover for them to decorate.  They could complete this with magazine collages, illustrations, pictures from home, etc.  I have formatted the pdf to fit with a composition book or spiral nicely.  If you choose to add it to something else and want it bigger, you’ll have to go into print setup and increase it to the desired size.

Click on the image or click HERE for your freebie.

Do you use Writer’s Notebooks?  I would love to know in the comments below.



You can laminate the cover and put clear packaging tape to secure or just use the packaging tape.

writer's notebook cover freebie

I included both boys and girls in the download.  They can decorate it to make it their own.  Hope you can use this….in any grade level!! ~April